Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

Spring breaks are short but it is the perfect time for a short trip considering the weather. Even though we had only 3 days leave we decided go for a mini vacation. After researching for a while we zeroed down to Georgia as it is only 3 and a half hour from Dubai and weather is lovely during spring. We wanted to explore as much as possible during these 3 days so we had planned the whole trip beforehand to make the most of it. Many people confuse the country Georgia with US State Georgia. Let me clarify in the beginning Georgia country is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

We stayed in Old Tbilisi area which is comparatively cheaper than the city center and just 10 mins away from the main city. However if you wish to stay in the center you can book any hotel in Rustaveli Avenue. Also don’t forget to carry warm clothes as it is quiet chilly even in spring season. Below are few of my recommendations for anyone planning to visit Tbilisi:

  1. Meydan Square – This place is the heart of Tbilisi. Meydan square has a totally different feel during the day and night. During the day one can explore the beautiful, narrow and crooked streets of Tbilisi. The city has an old world charm and medieval architecture which is attractive in its own way. And during night you can hang out at any of the numerous hangout outlets. Meydan Square has a huge number of clubs, pubs and lounges waiting to be discovered. And you will find a mix of culture here and people of all nationalities working and living here at peace. 

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He slithered into my life and awakened feelings in me which i never knew existed. He tightened his grip over me with his Oh! so charming talks and blacked me out with his endearing venom. I was left with no choice but to drop my defenses and surrender.

I was intoxicated by his love….his scent….his body. It was consuming and tiring, i thought how love can be so exhausting but before I could realize anything he slithered right out of my life to never be seen again. Leaving my struggling to breathe or move.

Miraculous Miracle Garden, Dubai

It was a chilly but sunny day in Dubai. So we decided to head to Miracle Garden, as it is open air for obvious reasons. Miracle Garden is truly miraculous and a sight for the sore eyes. You can say it is a man-made natural beauty. Miracle Garden has a mix of elements. And an amalgamation of natural beauty and human intellect. Which is for good as the whole ambiance will leave you awestruck. 

It is the biggest flower Garden. We planned to spend the whole day in the Garden as we wanted to see the whole place. One tip from me would be to carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated considering Dubai sun. First half of our time we spent enjoying the beauty of the place and took pictures. Trust me it is a heaven for photography enthusiasts. Thought if you go on a weekend you will not get apt space for photography as it gets too crowded. So if you can manage go on a weekday. Read More… Continue reading “Miraculous Miracle Garden, Dubai”

A Day Out at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Ferrari World is one of the biggest tourist attraction in UAE and it sure deserves to be. It is located in Abu Dhabi and is only around 112 Km from Dubai. From E11 Highway, you can take Sheikh Zayed Road south and simply head towards Abu Dhabi (Parking is available at Ferrari World).

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has great offers and promotions regularly for everyone. So, watch out for their promotions & offers page – to get the best deal before planning your trip/visit. Also the park starts late around 11 AM, so you don’t have to rush in the morning. One must buy the ticket even if you don’t plan to take any ride. Bronze ticket will cost you AED 275 and Junior Bronze ticket is for AED 230. Continue reading “A Day Out at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi from Dubai”

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